Advantages of selling OEM motorcycle parts in your store

Advantages of selling OEM motorcycle parts in your store

Due to the globalization of the markets nowadays it is possible to get imitations of spare parts. These imitations are usually lower priced and of poorer quality than the originals. For this very reason OEM motorcycle parts are the best option you can offer to your customers.

Thanks to the internet, people are better informed before making a purchase. This is why when someone wants to repair their motorcycle and keep it in good condition, they will most likely look to buy OEM motorcycle parts that will give them the warranty and quality they need. Although it may seem like a high expense at first it becomes a long-term investment that also helps you to avoid accidents. In other words, you protect yourself and those around you.

Decide what kind of customer you want to have

You may think that selling second-hand spare parts is more profitable because they are cheaper. The reality may differ according to your type of customer. If your customers know what is best, they will order OEM motorcycle parts. These people tend to take care of their motorcycles and don’t push their luck by using dubious quality replacement parts.

On the other hand, there are customers who prefer to buy used parts because they think they are cheaper. The best way to convince them is to show them data that certifies that OEM motorcycle parts are a better option in the medium or long term. You can advise your customers to keep a “maintenance diary” where they write down every time they replace a spare part. This way they will discover for themselves the durability of each type of spare part.

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Use social media to sell OEM motorcycle parts

When a person needs to buy something for their motorcycle, the first thing they do is search for it on the internet. Social media is an excellent source of information. You can create posts showing the advantages of buying OEM motorcycle parts and what it means for people’s wallet and safety.

This will give your customers a clearer view of the picture and they will decide to invest in original parts. Remember to use high quality photographs. If possible, use videos showing what OEM motorcycle parts look like and how they should be installed. This way you will reach that group of people who like to repair their motorcycles themselves. In fact, you might even help someone avoid being cheated by a dishonest mechanic while gaining a new customer yourself.