What is biophotonic glass?

What is biophotonic glass?

Everyone knows sunlight is powerful and that it can damage your skin. Sunlight is energy and needed for a lot of things. Plants need sunlight for growing, but when they hit maturity, they destroy the plant. It accelerates the plant’s decay and decline of its energetic value, called biophotons. Glass bottles are used to preserve substances, but sunlight can also decelerate the molecules of a substance. Biophotonic glass is ideal for this and can act as a natural filter to sunlight. It preserves the potency of natural products and can extend shelf life. It allows only rays of light that benefit the substance, and this is ideal for preservation. It also preserves the quality of a product, and this is important for certain products. For what can you use the biophotonic glass? Which products? In this article we explain this fully, this way you exactly know why you should use biophotonic glass and that’s good to know.

What can you preserve?

What can you preserve with Biophotonic glass? That is a question a lot of people ask themself. You can basically preserve anything, but it is meant for natural products. You can for example preserve natural oils. Next to that, it is possible to preserve cosmetics like creams, make-up and lotions. These you can preserve for a long time with Biophotonic glass, and this is ideal if you don’t have too much money. Apothecary jars are also available in Biophotonic glass and can be really useful. They are mainly used by the pharmaceutical and homeopathic industries. You can easily store medicinal products and herbs, or preserve natural and drugs, in dry forms and liquid forms. They could also be used for other products, like bath salts, room fragrance and liquids.

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Where do you buy biophotonic glass?

You can buy biophotonic glass in a store nearby, but this is not always possible. It’s not a common product, so it can be hard to buy it physically. It is way better to order the biophotonic glass bottles on the internet. There are a lot of suppliers that sell this product, but it is important you will find the right one. Look for example for cosmetic bottles wholesale, so you can choose out of a wide variety. Compare the different suppliers with each other and pick the supplier you trust most. Miron Glass is a perfect supplier and delivers high quality biophotonic glass bottles.